3-2-2014 Open Archery Shoot Canceled!!!

The Archery Shoot this weekend will be canceled.  We look forward to seeing you on April 6th.

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Welcome to the Farmland Conservation Club!


The Farmland Conservation Club would like to welcome you to our website. Please check out our events, events calendar and news sections.

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Farmland Conservation Club officers congratulate one of our $1000 Scholarship winners from BSU. From left to right. President Vern Thornburg, Secretary Ginger Martin, Scholarship recipient Kerry Neilsen, Vice President John Myers, and Treasurer Ed Dunham.

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Dues Letter and Dues

To clear up some confusion !

As most of our members know the annual membership for Farmland Conservation Club expires as of January 31st of each year and they become due and payable on December 31st of each year.

The Dues Letters are always sent out early in December as they were this year, then members have 30 days grace before they are charged the $10.00 late fee the BY  LAWS stipulates in Article 3 Section 2 Paragraph (b).

If your membership has expired you will no longer get either mail or email from us as the postage is just too high to continue to send out to former members.  There is a small grace period for the email but it is only 3 months or so. If you would like to continue your membership in the club just mail in your delinquent dues plus the late fee and you will receive your new membership card and be reinstated as an active member.


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Email Address And Mailing Address

We have found upon sending out the dues notice for 2012 we now have several members that have the wrong address listed on their records. Now we have no way to contact these members at all, no way to send notices or contact them. If you do move from your current address please let us know so we will be able to send newsletters and notifications to you.

We have a lot of members that gave email address’s some time back and I think that because we have not used them to keep in touch, a lot of addresses have changed and we have not been notified.  This is not the fault of anyone, just an oversight but!
We would like for any member that has not received an email from us for the past few months to notify us of any change to your email address that may have taken place, and if you do want to receive emails and email/newsletters from your Club please send us your new address.
You can send any changes to either your physical address or email address to (farmlandcc@gmail.com ) and it will be taken care of by one of our trusty officers or one of their many minions.    Thanks

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